Looking for some serious WordPress Speed?
Performance, Optimized!
Thanks to the WP Superformance plugin - your WordPress page speed and performance is taken care of - without you having to do a thing. Skyrocketing your site has never been easier. Simply install, activate, and leave it!



WordPress performance doesn’t need to be complicated. Therefor, WP Superformance has zero configurations, no unnecessary code clutter, and no learning curve. With this plugin, less really is more. Plug, play, and enjoy. Its that simple!

Full Browser Caching

One-click activate instantly launches full browser caching with mod_deflate for content compression, far-future-expires-headers and cache-control headers – coupled with a wide array of Boilerplate rules for maximum  performance and efficiency.

Image Optimization

WP Superformance comes equipped with automatic image hotlink protection as well as image lazy-loading functionality. Images that are outside viewport will only be loaded as the user scrolls down – ensuring faster page loading and reduced server load.

Static File Compression

WP Superformance will optimize and compress (minify) your HTML, JS and CSS files – effectively reducing the data transfer size. Less data equals less processing time, which translates into faster page loading. This is done without altering the functionality of the compressed files in any way.


WP Superformance also takes care of a myriad of other optimization tasks (that one would generally use a dozen plugins for), such as removing query strings from static resources, loading jquery from Google CDN, removes unnecessary clutter from wp head and much, much more.

Super Friendly

WP Superformance is shared-hosting environment friendly, compatible with WooCommerce and other eCommerce setups, has ZERO (nada) annual license upgrade fees and, is by far the most lightweight (weighing less than 50 KB) WordPress performance plugin available to you.

Did you know? Faster loading sites translates into better search engine rankings, better user experience, increased conversion rates, higher level of customer satisfaction, and much, much more.